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Self-checkout isn't just for Tesco and Sainsbury's.

We all want plastic free, minimal waste shopping to be the normal in our world, but that's not going to happen unless we can offer people a convenient, simple and fast shopping experience like the big supermarkets.

Weyify brings that solution to even the smallest of shops converting people from supermarket shoppers to zero waste shoppers.

Why you need Weyify.

Customer Loyalty

No more weighing jars every time your customers visit your shop. Once they've loaded all their containers in to the app, they'll just keep coming back for more.

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Fast Self Checkout

No more waiting in line at the register for your customers! With your own branded self-checkout app, your customers simply Scan, Weigh and Pay.

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Everything You Need

We provide everything from trade approved scales and your own branded app, to Shopify integrations and centralised inventory.

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Customer Testimonials

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“The app and self service is slick and makes shopping a breeze.”
Peter F.
“The app is incredibly clever and good for minimising contact in these Covid times too”
Pippa B.
“The shopping experience is quick and stress free (especially with the app)”
Jess S.

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