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Everything you need and more.

We provide everything you need from trade approved scales to centralised inventory.
What We Offer

Simplifying life for your customers and your business.

Here's what you get:
Branded Self-Checkout App
Trade Approved Scales
Shopify Point of Sale App
Patent Pending Technology
Centralised Inventory Management
Inventory Batch Management
Integrated With Your Shopify Store
Multiple Retail Location Support
Trade Approved Scales

We supply and maintain your scales.

We put multiple scales throughout your shop so people can weigh their goods quickly, right where they're shopping. Any scale can be used for weighing, simply scan the QR code on it. Our patent pending scale technology takes care of the rest.

Centralised Inventory Management

Most shops offer online shopping these days. Our solution centralises your inventory management so that whether your customer has purchased at your POS, through the app or by visiting your online store, the inventory is deducted and managed through one central location.

Inventory by Weight
Your weighable product inventory is managed by weight. Each sale made deducts the weight amount from the inventory balance.
Centralised Inventory
Manage all your inventory from one place. All sales from the app, through your POS or via your online store all come from one centralised inventory.
Batch and Expiration Management
When you add new inventory, you can also add batch information and view a history of batches including the expiration dates for each batch.
Low Inventory Alerts
Set up custom alerts that will email you when products are running low on inventory so you can restock. You can set multiple weight alerts per product.
Shopify POS App

Our POS App makes checkout easy.

Our custom Shopify POS app not only lets you continue to look after your non-app shoppers as normal, it also allows app users to pay at the register.

Easy to use interface
Lets app users pay at the register
Full support for traditional shoppers

Common Questions

Does Weyify only work with Shopify?
We can integrate with any applications that are technically capable of being integrated with. Some POS and online store solutions aren't as smart as they may appear.

We started with Shopify as it was the most popular with zero waste shops, but if you have other requirements, just let us know. We have a brilliant development team.
How much does Weyify Cost?
Cost depends on the size of the shop, the number of scales you need and what level of modifications you'd like. Remember, there's a massive cost saving with Weyify such as less staff, less admin hours managing inventory, more loyal customers with less marketing, and that's not mentioning of the price of the big scales that create waste printing labels all day.

We understand zero waste shops don't have much money so we try to keep everything as cheap as possible. Get in touch for a quote.
Will you be adding more features?
We're constantly coming up with new features, taking feedback from you and and your customers to make everyones shopping experience as slick as possible.
Are updates included?
Yes. Any updates we make to the app that aren't for a specific customer will be rolled out to everyone. This includes the app, the POS app and the Shopify integration.
Do I have to be technical to use Weyify?
Not at all! No technical experience is required to use the Weyify solution.
Can I use my own scales?
Our scales run on a patent pending technology that's fully integrated with the app, so you can't use your own scales unfortunately.

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We know every shop is different and has different needs.
So let's have a chat and see how we can help you.