Scan, Weigh and Pay

Your own branded self-checkout app.

No more long lines at your checkout, customers simply Scan, Weigh and Pay with the Weyify
self-checkout app.

Look Like a Pro

Your brand.
Your app.

You'll get your own branded app that incorporates your logo, your fonts and your brand colours including all the functionality listed below.

If there's a special feature you want for your customers, we can build that too. Just ask.

How it works

“The app and self service is slick and makes shopping a breeze.”

Customers keep a library of containers in their app

Each container has a weight and photo. Add them at home or in the shop.

Scan the QR code on the product you want to purchase

Works with both weighable and non-weighable products (bypassing the scale process).

Select the container you want to fill from your container library

Fill the container and place it on the nearest scales

They can use any of our custom trade approved scales in your shop.

Scan the QR code on the scales

Our app deducts the weight of the container from the weight shown on the scales and adds the difference to the customers cart.

Pay in app or at the register

Pay with Apple Pay, Google Pay and walk out of the shop, or pay at the register.

That's it!

Your customer receives their receipt right in the app, and you receive a notification that they've checked out.
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