About Us

We want to make zero waste shopping available to everyone.

“There must be a better way to do this.”

That was the reaction from Del Currie, Co-Founder of Weyify, when he first visited a zero waste shop a couple of years ago after being introduced to the concept by his daughter.

It was a busy Saturday afternoon in the shop and people were lining up to weigh their containers on entry, while others were waiting to weigh the container they'd just filled. As there was only one scale for the customers to use, they'd have to leave their bags unattended while they went to the other side of the shop to weigh their goods. Then there was the line at the register, it was 6 people deep and checkout was so slow as every container had to be weighed again. It was a mess.

That experience sparked a basic idea which he brought to his business partner Chris Neal at Analog Republic, and together they started brainstorming ideas with their team. After many hours of development, prototyping, hardware research, trial and error, Weyify was born.

With the team's experience at Analog Republic, from working on major projects for clients like Pearl Jam and Stanford University, we had the knowledge and experience to develop a reliable solution capable of handling any number or size of shops, with a deep understanding from both the business needs perspective, and making the customer experience simple and intuitive.

Our mission is to make zero waste shopping available to everyone. Right now, it's hard work and takes serious dedication from people, we need to make it as simple as going to the supermarket is currently, and we believe with our patent pending technology, we've done just that.

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